I created this shop for my loving community, and for everyone who happens upon my shop, 

to offer beautiful products that support your journey of Living In Love. 

When we read or speak the words "I AM Living In Love,"

we activate the love inside of us, and we activate love on the planet.

Each product is created with the theme of Living In Love, and with the intention that each item
serves as a reminder that you ARE LOVE, and to bring love to every day and each moment.

Many years ago I committed my life to raising my vibration of love and supporting others
in their journey to do the same. I have been a loving guide to women and men for three decades,
assisting them with loving themselves free of past wounds and creating lives that they are in love with!  

This shop is an expression of love, beauty and inspiration to support you, my community
and the wider world in raising our vibration of love. 

Enjoy each item, from my heart to yours.

Thank you for being here! May the Light of Love shine brightly on you always! 

Love, Liz